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job searching - Ph.D. with experience

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 10:58 am
by Steve Sheffield
Hello all:

I wanted to ask a question regarding a major problem I keep running into in my job search (which is mainly focused on academia). I am a biologist/environmental scientist with a Ph.D., 2 yr postdoc, and about 7 yrs now of experience beyond this (in academia, fed gov't, and my own consulting business). I have been quite productive as far as publications, presentations, attending professional scientific meetings, service to professional scientific societies, etc., and generally get 5-6 interviews a year. I always do well in my interviews, however, I never seem to get a job offer, and when I follow up on some of these positions, I find out that they went and hired someone (usually female) right out of their Ph.D. degree with little or no experience and with a CV of 2-3 pages (vs my almost 30 pages). I guess I've gone beyond that fine line between not enough experience and too much experience (or too old, even though I'm not that old), but I would like to see if you think there is a way for me to deal with this problem and if so, if you have any suggestions as to how I might deal with it. For example, is there something that I could consider including in my cover letter that could help? Note - almost all of the positions I have been applying for are entry level (Assistant Professor), so I am willing to accept that, but I get passed over before anyone ever asks what I am willing or not willing to take
(as far as pay, time to tenure, start-up, etc.)
As this has just happened to me once again recently, I am exceedingly frustrated and will greatly apprecaite any suggestions you might have for an experienced Ph.D. looking to break back into academia. Many thanks!!!



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