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Seeking employment in the UK

PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:41 am
by Angelica
I recently graduated with a PhD in Physical chemistry specialising in Colloid chemistry (Surfactants and polymers in the photographic industry). I presented at many scientific conferences and have several publications. I also have one years experience in the lubricants and additives (for use in automotive and petrochemicals industry) industry. I have work experience out of academia too. I am having difficulty in finding jobs in the chemical industry in the UK. Most ask for Organic and Analytical chemists, and chemists at BSc level or below. I have been invited to several interviews to be told that either I am over qualified (even though they knew that I have a PhD), or that they have given the job to someone already in their company to save time training me up, even though they found my interviews good and well presented etc. Most of the companies or agencies I apply to don't even bother replying. Most of my friends who have done chemistry PhDs have not pursued careers in Chemistry/Science. I really would like to go into the chemical industry to do research and development type work. I'm too worried to do a post-doc as this might limit me in getting into industry in the future. Most people say, a post-doc is useful if you want to stay in academia. So, I have been seeking chemistry employment for over half a year now, and have read in science journals that many Chemists in the UK are finding this problem too. I need help and advice!!