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Chemist in pharmaceutical industry?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:22 am
by YBK
Now Ive managed to find pharmaceutical industry firm job, they told me first of all it will be 1 month trial.
I dont know what kind of laboratory work that i will do or learn.
But I have to know which things that I should pay attention to it in 1 month trial work period.

What are the work tasks and working environment in pharma labs?
Which things can I learn before entering to that job?
I need help from pharmaceutical industry chemists or technicians. What are the hardest part of them?

What are the lab. equipments and analyse or process tasks of pharma laboratories? Im not good at using my hands in the jobs which needs flexible in manual dexterity.

What are the work-time hours of pharma companies? They wanted lots of hospital tests before joining to that job, this means it will be more risky work aura with chemical inhalation and risky work tasks. Therefore it must be short work times in a routine laboratory days. Also it must be holiday in the weekends. Am I true or wrong?