Update on Posting Rules and Suggestions

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Update on Posting Rules and Suggestions

Postby Dave Jensen » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:52 pm


All of us at the AAAS Career Discussion Forum hope that the holidays are going well for the audience and that 2015 is going to bring each of you closer to your career goals.

Today, I locked a particular thread that had been deteriorating, and because this happens so rarely, it reminded me that the end of the year is a good time to recap what it is we do here and how the forum operates.

As you know, our mission is to assist in bringing people of different career levels together to help people make progress in the difficult science/engineering job markets. We do that daily when senior level posters assist junior level posters with their questions and concerns. We welcome your contribution, and hope that more can turn from lurking into active participation.

As a general rule, we are here to help people with their questions and concerns. The Forum is not intended to be "gripe headquarters" for those who have issues with the way that things work in science careers. Yes, we post plenty of gripes, but the ones that we like are those that lean towards solutions, and not just a constant reinforcement of the negatives.

That's why, when a thread starts and ends as a "gripe" it is not of much value to our archives. And worse -- when the gripe turns to vicious posts and "warnings" -- it becomes a distraction to our goal. Everyone at the AAAS and the moderation team knows about how difficult it can be in the sciences, especially for PhD graduates. But we don't need to get vicious and attack immigrants, or hit the same points over and over again into infinity. That's when a thread gets locked.

Some other points about the Forum:

- Thanks for not using wacky, chat sounding usernames here. Your username can be any real sounding name or initials, with proper capitalization just like in the real world. "Joe Smith" is fine, as is "J. Smith" or "JMS."

- We ask you to please avoid talking about the specifics of "What should I earn" here on the forum. Asking general questions like "Will I earn more as a PhD Engineer than a PhD Microbiologist?" are fine. But, "What should I earn with a micro degree?" is going nowhere because the audience can't answer properly, as salaries vary by location, degree level, industry sector, and three or four other variables.

Thanks for your participation in 2014 and we all look forward to a great new year,

Dave Jensen, Moderator
"Failure is a bruise -- not a tattoo." -- Jon Sinclair
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