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How to get a scientific Job opportunity without experinces

PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:18 pm
by Tarek
Hi all
It is my first visit here and I have a serious problem.

I have my Ph. D since 2012, but I didn't find any scientific job in my country.
I have my career as a secondary school teacher but I need a scientific job
since my graduation -- I had helped others in their research, theses and papers.
I participated in preparing and supervision of many Msc and Ph D protocols (not officially since our local rules require academic degree for the supervisors) but this has only deepened my problems since most of my ideas and efforts are not included in my C.V.

I tried once or twice to apply for post doctoral position but unfortunately my academic record isn't satisfactory for companies or universities.

How can I create this record if there isn't any available opportunity in my home country?
the other problem is that my Ph D is in multidisciplinary system that include many specialties(laser application in measurement, photochemistry, photobiology and nanotechnology) this cause a problem since most of our local academia require a specific specialty.

Anyone know how to solve this riddle?