which jobs if you love to teach science?

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which jobs if you love to teach science?

Postby Saranneman » Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:04 am

Hello everybody,

I was wondering which jobs exist for people like me who love to teach science?
What do I mean with teaching? During my PhD (biomedical sciences) I enjoyed giving presentations about my results to different kinds of audiences, I loved giving talks at conferences and having one-to-one discussions at my posters, I loved guiding students in the lab and especially when you see that 'now-I-get-it moment' on their face. I have had a lot of complements on my presentation style and after my PhD defense, people came to me to say I really should do something with this.

However, I do not want to teach in a school, I'm really not that person to take care of uninterested teenagers (with the biggest respect to everybody who does this!). So I previously have been looking into this Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role. Unfortunately, I couldn't break into this role due to lack of experience, so since a couple of months I'm working in the feasibility department of a large CRO. But I just want to know, if the time comes when I have to look for a new job (which might be soon), what kind of jobs I can look for next to MSL roles?
Which other jobs actually exist that might satisfy my passion of teaching, selling, spreading science?
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Re: which jobs if you love to teach science?

Postby WG » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:32 pm

To address the teaching part of your question, what came to mind are jobs in science centres/museums. You would get to teach but presumably the audience would be people who are interested in the subject matter. Volunteering is a good way to get some experience in that environment.
That said, you might also benefit from networking with people in the kinds of jobs you have in mind. They would be able to tell you how to break into their fields and you would also be able to narrow down your options even further.
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Re: which jobs if you love to teach science?

Postby Steven M. » Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:17 pm

Off the top of my head:

1. Sales Rep
Sales nowadays is all about relationship building and educating the customer - especially in science, when stuff gets highly technical. When I was still in the lab, I recall a few great relationships with awesome sales folks with PhDs and learned from them about their products/data.

2. Consultant
You would basically work as the science expert on the team and enter into a business situation in a health care company and try to help them solve their problem. You'll get a lot of opportunity to share your expertise/research to your team and your clients. There are entry level consultant positions for folks with PhDs.
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Steven M.
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Re: which jobs if you love to teach science?

Postby Dick Woodward » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:24 pm

Steven M. has given two good suggestions. You can find a number of threads about sales in the forum, as well as some articles about selling as a PhD. He is also correct that consulting is a possibility. However, with consulting you will have to contend with almost constant travel - typically leave Sunday night/Monday morning and return home late Friday night. This kind of situation is not for everyone, so take that into account as you make your decision.

Best of luck,

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Dick Woodward
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Re: which jobs if you love to teach science?

Postby P. Almila » Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:01 am

Most people who go into teaching do it as a choice and not as a fallback. Contrary to what some might think. To get a good teaching-focused job, you need to make an effective pitch even if your true ambitions were always to win a Nobel Prize.
P. Almila
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