some questions regarding biotechnology career

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some questions regarding biotechnology career

Postby Petronio » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:48 pm

I'm here because i'm thinking very seriously of undertaking biotechnology studies this year, but still i don't know much enough about some aspects assiociated with this path. I would be very grateful if you have explained me some essential issues connected with the graduating and job market.

First of all, i reckon i want to work in the medical sector, carrying out researchers important for this branch or at least taking part in those and working for this sector. I mean micro/molecular biology serving medicine.

And here i'm full of doubts - i've seen some job offers on the web concerned this sector. Most of them had a "PhD" at the beginning. I'm not sure i'll have an opportunity to complete PhD. Right now i'm going to graduate BSc in Poland, where i'm currently living and then MSc in Germany or UK. My question is - will it be sufficient? How do the biotech graduates find theirselves on the global market and what is the situation in the industry sector of biotechnology? I suppose it's easier to succesfuly find a gratyfying job there.

And one more question. No wonder, most employers demand previous job experience. What is the opportunity to get experience just after graduating? Apart from events such as summer internships, are there companies eagerly employing graduates say as interns?

I'm considering also pharmacy and medicinal chemistry in the drug industry. Is it more plausible way work in that branch?

It's a very important question for me, so I'll be grateful for every advice.

P.S. i'm sorry if there are some inaccurates within my statement.
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Re: some questions regarding biotechnology career

Postby PG » Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:46 am

This is a potentially huge question but I will try to answer parts of it.

There are companies that hire people without previous work experience. Even if for example an addvertisement states that you need for example 2-3 years of experience dont let this stop you from applying. As have been stated elsewhere networking is a better job seeking approach but do apply of you see suitable positions.

Also since there is a surplus of people with a PhD this requirement sometimes makes it into ads even if it sometimes shouldnt be a requirement. Again read the ad or preferably network to find out what the position is about and if you think that you can do it dont pay to much attention to the listed requirements. Of course you need to pay attention to them when writing your cover letter and CV but dont let them stop you from applying or talking with the company that has the open position.
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