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Info for New Posters

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:38 am
by Dave Jensen

Thanks for being here. Many people are here for years and then suddenly post and wonder why their message is not visible. There's a reason for that.

To eliminate spam messages which were very frequent and annoying, we've instituted a "3 moderated posts" formula that only affects you for a short while. We want our audience to participate -- please, please DO post here and keep the conversation going! But remember that the posting of your first three messages will be somewhat delayed, sometimes by as much as 24 hours, until one of us approves it and sees that you are not a spammer. Once you get past those first three messages, your posts will flow automatically into the community.

Also, another hangup could be that we require "real world" ID's here. We don't accept wacky usernames, or lowercase and mixed alpha/numeric stuff as you'd see in other sites. The username john6362 would be changed by your moderator to something acceptable to the forum, as would the username webtyrant222. The username Abraham Lincoln would be changed as well. Please, pick any kind of real sounding name for your ID here -- you're welcome to be anonymous, but we'd appreciate new posters sticking with our well-established rules of posting.

Thanks very much. Please reach me via private forum email if you have any questions.

Dave Jensen
Founder and Moderator