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Tips for doing a presentation over Skype?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:34 pm
by WG
The recent discussion on Skype interviews has some good tips. But has anyone done a presentation over Skype to a group of people? I will be making a presentation to a group, the presentation is part of an interview. The panel will have a copy of the presentation before hand, so I think they will have it on their screen on their end. The topic was also provided by the panel. This is new for me, so any tips/experiences you can share are most welcome.

Re: Tips for doing a presentation over Skype?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:06 am
by Ana
Hi WG,

I haven't had to do that for an interview, but I've given several webinars and in the end I guess it is quite similar: you are giving a talk while you are at the other side of a computer.

There should be two different questions here: about the talk itself, and about the interview scenario itself.

About the talk, you will have the same recommendations that we could give you for an actual face to face presentation. Make sure you know what would be more interesting to them from your background and highlight those parts. And plan for a talk shorter than the total time allocated because there might be questions as you go through the talk and there should be time for questions afterwards as well.

About the interview itself what I find lacking in webinars is that everyone is seeing the speaker AND the slides, while you don't see the people. For an interview, I would prefer to be able to see the group at the other side because I pick cues in their body language to know if I'm going too fast, too slow, if they look confused, or if they seem engaged. I also like to interact with the audience and the digital world makes that harder, or pretty much impossible if you are not seeing them. So I would try to break that perceived (and real) distance by telling them to please stop me and ask questions as I go through the talk, otherwise it might put your audience in a very passive role and you don't want that for a job interview! it is not your talk that they are hiring, it is you, so you need to go that extra mile to reach them and engage them.

Those are the main points I can think of. Maybe some other poster has had one of those interviews before?