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Re: Career blocker mentors

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:37 am
by John B. N.
Dear all,

I really appreciate for all your responses. I am glad that you expressed several good points and advices. As Dave mentioned, every situation is different. I need to find a way to go on, and it will be very hard.

First important point was the networking. Thank you to both Daves. But, I assure you that the walls are not only in my head and it is not an illusion. I don’t want to give too specific examples to support my argument.

Craig, you are right, he determined the path that I have to walk. This is the best path for him not for me. That’s just a strategy to maintain the lab. Selecting people very carefully and hold them as long as they are useful by providing them some glorification titles and promises. Then, cut the support and even become an enemy when they leave. .

Nate you are absolutely right. It is clear that even I have the money, I will not the one who controls it.

More or less what I clearly see is; I have to find someone from outside world to back me up and advertise me. Otherwise, I have to return back to my country. I guess I need huge luck.