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Pharmaceuticals industry question

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:11 am
by Thomas H.
Hi all

I need your opinion in a dilemma that I am facing.I have a postgraduate and a MSc degree in Biotechnology and i am thinking to begin a new MSc this year in pharmaceutical analysis or pharmaceutical development. I want to work in pharmaceutical industry but i don't know what degree will helm me become a better candidate. Is something else better? What so you advise?

Thanks a lot for your time

Re: Pharmaceuticals industry question

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:50 am
by PG
None of these degrees exist around here so I am going to reply with a few questions.

Are both of these degrees well known and accepted in the US (I am assuming that you are posting from the US)?

If they are my main advice would be to do a networking effort in whcih you contact a few people who has the type of position that you will be looking for after your degree and talk to them about whcih degree that would be preferred. This gives you a good opportunity to practise networking and it is also a perfect networking opportunity since you have a specific question to ask, you are not currently looking for a position and it is the type of question that I believe most people will take their time to answer.

If one of the degrees is well known and the other is not I believe that you would need a very good reason to chose the one that isnt well known.

If none of the degrees are well known but degrees offered from for example a specific school you need to look at content rather than title.

Having said all this the first question you need to ask yourself is whether getting another degree is going to be useful at all. Going for any degree is a major investment of time and money and if it isnt going to add value to your job search you should probably not be doing it. Also at some point getting additional degrees becomes a negative ie it may be interpreted as if you were unable to find a job/get accepted for PhD studies or whatever it is that you want to do and instead chose the path of additional studies. To get information about this networking is again your best tool. Do you know people who are already working in the industry that you can talk to? Use the network that you have to find additional contacts.

Before you say that you as a student doesnt have a network I will also say that everyone has a network the question is only how useful it is for the specific question that you have. You have family members, teachers, friends etc and some of these people will know other people who are in positions that are more relevant to your question. These people might not be perfect mathces but they in turn will know additional people and so on. You can also find people through linkedin or other online resources.

Re: Pharmaceuticals industry question

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:15 am
by Thomas H.
Thanks, I really appreciate for answering my question.
I'm studying in Europe and specifically in Greece. Both of these degrees are from the pharmacy department in the university of athens, the best the country offers. You are absolutely right about networking.

You are also right that going for any degree is a major investment of time and money but i have doubts that with only my degree in Biotechnology i am a competitive candidate.

Again i thank you for your time answering my question