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Re: Contacted by recruiter for advertised position

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:23 pm
by Dick Woodward

The job description with the company name removed is pretty standard in the initial contact phase. Among other things, it is an additional way of preventing the contact from doing an end run around the recruiter (for contingency people) and it keeps the company name confidential. It is entirely possible that the recruiter has a prior relationship with your friend, and sufficient trust to revel the name. It is not uncommon that I get calls from recruiters asking for assistance in filling a position, and, because of our relationship, tell me the company name while asking me to keep it in confidence. So that's mot all that surprising.


Re: Contacted by recruiter for advertised position

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:44 am
by Dave Jensen
Jerry B. wrote:Hi all. I'm a PhD chemist currently working in industry but looking to make a move to a different part of the country for personal reasons. I was recently contacted by a recruiter looking to fill a position that is a good fit for me both scientifically and professionally. Interestingly, a position with the same company and the exact same job description provided by the recruiter is posted on the company's website. Is it normal for a company to hire a recruiter for a position that is publicly advertised? I'm wondering if they are just providing a public announcement for legal reasons and are planning to rely on the recruiter to vet candidates or if the advertisement is legitimate and I should apply via that route. I'm currently leaning towards going through the recruiter but would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.


Another prospect could be that the company has engaged a "sourcer" to be involved in their open need. They won't be paid a typical fee at all, so the "contingency vs. retained" thing would be mute. It would just be a company that helps H/R (and helps retained recruiters at times as well) on an hourly rate. It shouldn't matter to them whether you write the company directly -- if they are a sourcer, they'll still get their hourly fee no matter what.

Thought that I would mention this other permutation of the retained/contingency question . . .