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Re: Great article on keeping a positive attitude

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:45 am
by Rebecca Q.
by Rich Lemert ยป Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:25 pm
'You are free to choose whatever attitude you wish.

You are NOT free to choose the reactions that your attitude generates in others.'

I do not agree. You are also free to choose and control any of your reactions (at least some of us are and anyone should attempt to...)

'Personally, I find antagonizing the person/people whose help I need to succeed in my task right from the start does not entice them to offer that help.'

I would agree on that, however the system is broken and the only 'currency' that gets you anywhere these days is the help of those above you. Literally nothing else matters (and no, this is NOT dramatizing the situation since the fall of the market in 2008 things have been getting worse and worse). You don't need to have impressive papers or skills because the job market is saturated with people who have all that and genuine job openings are very few. Therefore other means of competition took over completely and while the best are no longer supported by the system, obedient, subservient and sneaky are thriving...

at RSD

I think we are not talking about the same thing here. I do not defend pessimism. Progress can be made and was often made by a few individuals who persisted against the odds and that is what science should be about. Arguably, these individuals would not be given a chance today because going against the flow, thinking and acting independently is punished at least in academia ... Scientific research is the most fascinating thing there is, in my view. However, good research that has brought our society this far (and by that I mean the immense progress made within a number of scientific disciplines) cannot continue in this broken system. This is not pessimism, this is a realistic observation that many insiders share...and we should not keep our heads down with a positive attitude hoping for the best, we should speak up and call for a change within the system, not a revolution but a step by step change

Re: Great article on keeping a positive attitude

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:58 am
by Rebecca Q.
and hopefully this forum will not miss the opportunity to facilitate such necessary constructive discussions among academics in future and will become a part of the transformation much needed ...