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Clinical Research Versus Medical Rep

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:10 pm
by Maya
I am interested in both clinical research and the medical rep field.
Is there a field that is like a clinical trial rep...where we can spread word of clinical trials to different departments? Or is that already included in being a medical rep? I'm not sure I want to go into
sales necessarily, but to be able to spread word about clinical trials and make a difference that way. I also don't think I would be drawn to being a clinical research coordinator or clinical research associate. That's why I'm asking if there's a position in the middle, like clinical study representative. Is there such a thing, or is it a matter of choosing one side? I would appreciate advice in the right direction.

Re: Clinical Research Versus Medical Rep

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:10 pm
by D.X.
Hi Maya,

No one really gets paid to spread the word about clinical trials, its not like you have patients lined up to be experimental guinea pigs.

The awareness generating part of a pharma company sponsored clinical trial is a tiny part of pharmacutical clinical trial operations - where your Clinical Research Associate sits.

Alot of that awareness bullding is shared with other functions, such as those sitting in Medical Affairs and in some countries, Sales Reps depending on the regulatory codes. Alot of it is working with the investigators and study site staff to generate that awareness, they then mainly taken on the responsiblility to make patients aware and to recruit, rare a company will directly get involved in direct to patient communciations. So its about working with the HCPs and working with internal teams. The HCP will determine if a pateint will see value from being asked to be in that trial The Clinical Trial Lead is that representative you talk about, he or she is accoutable for the execution on the study to include holding timelines and budget targets - deoending on size and business impact of the trial data it can be very stress ful. Not only working cross fuctional, but with HCPs, CROs etc. They ultimately serve as the face of the trial along with some supporting CRAs, Science Liasons, Medical Directors and so on. That person is usually a MD and maybe in the US can be a PhD. They will carry alot of experince and maybe served as a CRA in thier early days.

That being said probably a job in a medical society or non profit research foundation may be good for you. Or look to your university research office. Perhaps thats where you csn make a difference.