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Risks of applying to another jobs in the pharma-world?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:04 am
by Raphael Mueller
Hi all,

I have realized that the pharma-world is extremely small. There is generally a high chance that someone from one company knows somebody from the other company that is in the same area.

I have been hired by one of the major companies in my country and the benefits are good. However the job is not 100% what I would like to do and I saw an interesting job opening in the other big pharma company. I have not been working for a long time for the current company and I like the company, but I'd like to work in an other field. I am in sales&marketing but would prefer to be in a bioinformatics/data scientist job. Applying internally is a no-go, not after 12 months...

1) Are HR from different companies talking to each other?
2) How to apply "under-the-radar" to test out the waters?
3) And lastly: Dave Jensen talked in another thread about "do-not-hire-lists" - do they really exist?

Re: Risks of applying to another jobs in the pharma-world?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:49 am
by D.X.
Hi Raphael,

Ok well I'll addresss your questions but first a couple comments. In your particular Situation, given that you've had some exposure to a Job but it is not sufficiently enticing based on your experience and you would like to pursue a different path, I would recommend you explore it now than later. Others may disagree with me, but it is this Point in your career, (early) where some direction changing (though not much) can be tolerated in the mid the longer term - the 12 month tenure at this Point, I would not see as a barrier but perhaps early in your career it can be Position advantagously in your case, i.e. you actually have some experience, business-knowledge that you can port.

The issue is that if you continue to gain tenure in your sales and Marketing role, then you will soon carry that Label in a way that will be hard to shed. So think clearly if you want to grow in sales and marekting or go back to more scientific functions, if so then now is the time you can explore that and take Action. Again others may disagree. Regarding small world, yes, but generally within the functions - a Marketing director will probably not have a Network with a bioinformatics Person most likely and even less like not external to the Company at all, usually Networks are withing the field or within a function. You are looking to Switch to a completely different function so I would worry too much.

regarding your questions, in the order received:

1. Do HR departs from different companies talk to each other: No, not diretly. Its not practice. Handling of individual employee data is very sensitive and can pose risks especially at HR Level Information. Indirectly, they may be informed vis a vis a recruiter Network - or shared linkedin Groups etc. Here the discuss is more on industry Trends when it Comes to Talent search etc. but not individual Level data. There are exceptions (non-compete Agreement concerns etc. etc.). In your case, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If ever you got wind of one HR dept talking to another HR dept about your application without your concent you could have a legal case.

2. How to apply under the Radar: Ok well this is were Networking Comes in. See if you can find who the hiring Manager is and see if you can have an informal and confidential discussion about your application. You could see if there is a Company HR representative on linkedin and reach out to them directly, with a note that you'd like to speak in confidence pending Review of your CV. In General you applicaion anyways will be treated in confidence so you don't have to go though Loops and back doors - however with any application ,applying to a compnay Website is like taking your CV and throwing it into the garbage. find a recruiter in the absense of a Network.

3. Are there no hire list? yes thety exist but in what Format is subject to debat, usually linked to the employee record. So..this gets to how you get on them. Given its linked to an employee record, it is a matter of Prior exposure to the Company. I.e. You are a Prior employee and you've left under negative circumstances, i.e. fired. or you found another Job and burned bridges on the way out, or you were generally disliked and a nay sayer. Another example is that you've applied for a Job too many times in the Company and have not recieved an offer. The Company has a track record as to your Prior application history and the outcome (all those interview reports). Another is that you've applied for a Job, and you were so bad as an interviewer that you won't be called again. And other than that, the only other way to get "blacklisted" is again because of exposure, the Company does a back ground check -either a soft pre-check via Internet before your interview or a hard Background check after an interview and they find something negative (i.e. you've defrauded the US gov't).

So this so called list is not really a list, there can be legal ramifications of keeping such list (in Europe than can be a violation of data privacy laws) but its linked to employee records that are reactively searched upon a candidates application assuming they have an a Prior Engagement with the comapny. For you, there is no relevance what so ever to you so don't think another thought about this.

Good luck and let us know what you decided.