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Molecular biology

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2004 12:43 am
by ganapathy
I am currently on my sixth year after Ph.D. In this six years I did 3 postdoc jobs each with 2 years. The fileds were not exactly same but in a way related, such as all of them are related to Molecular biology and atleast two of them related as cancer biology, though they are two different cancers. I donot which field I should decide for my transition into a faculty. What is the creteria for deciding the focus of research for faculty. I have interest for cancer biology unfortunately I do not have publications pertaining to cancer. But I have 12 papers published in total, atleast 60% of them are in top journals like PNAS, AIDS, Genes & Immunity etc., I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions provided by you.

Thanks Ganapathy