Your experiences with company responses? Does a buzz-off translate to less recruits?

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Re: Your experiences with company responses? An example

Postby Nate W. » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:57 pm

Here is my worst experience. I was interviewing for a scientific sales position based in Texas. The company was a well established manufacturer of scientific capital equipment. Their primary account in this territory was my former employer, a large academic medical center. I had 15 years working in the field and using their equipment. The company was launching a new product line. Plus, I know most of the PIs at the University who would use their equipment. The position was being handled by an outside contingency based recruiter in NC.

The recruiter calls me on the basis of a seven year old resume left on a major job board. I interviewed with a total of twelve people. Before visiting the corporate headquarters, I had to interview with six people; two with the recruiting firm. Some of the people I interviewed with had NO bearing on the position and wouldn't be part of the team. For example, like the National Product Manager or a senior recruiter at the agency. However, I got through this and was invited for a final interview at corporate headquarters. Good news!

The interviews with the regional sales manager (hiring manager) went well. Then there was the product manager, marketing guys, and two HR executives. The manager told me that things look good and that he would get back with his thoughts in two weeks. However, before the last interview, with the marketing VP, the senior HR manager drops in between interviews and says......"your accomplishments and scientific expertise are great. However, I don't see how this (pointing to my resume) translates to building the brand of this company and building the right relationships with our primary client." This statement wasn't question.

The manager never called me back like he promised and only two people responded to my thank you emails. The recruiter was keep in the dark and didn't know what happen after the final interview. I called the hiring manager directly 3 weeks after the interview and he said...."things take time." 3-4 months later the recruiter called to say I didn't get the job. I had already made my mind up by then. If I couldn't count on my hiring manager to do what he promised, how can I trust him in dealing customer concerns that need his attention.

I blame him and his nosy HR person for wasting my time. I estimated I wasted about 80 hours on this one position. Only the hiring manager should have been making the final decision. The HR representative should have never made that statement and it wasn't her decision to make; butt out. If this was going to be a team decision, at least agree on what criteria or standards you are looking for and then inform the recruiter beforehand. Frankly, HR had no stake in this decision and I was probably never going to see HR again or work with them as a remote sales person in TX.

I don't know if the HR person was testing me for a response. Next time, I will respond if someone makes an offhanded remark like this (or buzz-me off). I should have said: "After ten interviews, why would you make such a remark and let me address those concerns if you have any?"

I said nothing like a deer in the headlights. After 11 interviews, she comes in with this stupid statement. My thoughts were "Hello, I spent 11 interviews addressing how this was relevant and your hiring manager agreed with my position; inviting me for a formal interview at the company headquarters." I should have fired back or asked to speak with the manager before leaving. It was obvious she had an agenda and the team making the decision didn't know what they wanted.

Talk about a buzz-off; at least do it before you invite a candidate to the corporate office. HR should stop being an annoying back-seat driver in these decisions.

Today, you need Teflon demeanor and a willingness to fight back and never take no. This is an example of why group hiring decisions never work out well for either the job seeker or the company.
Nate W.
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Re: Your experiences with company responses? Does a buzz-off translate to less recruits?

Postby D.X. » Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:08 am

PG wrote:I am in the Stockholm region. We do see candidates being hired for companies throughout this area including Stockholm, Uppsala and Mälardalen including smaller cities such as for example Västerås. This includes but is not limited to Consultant firms that are doing aggressive hiring of people with a few years of industry experience. Personally I Think this is a combination of several factors includding an improvement of the general market but also the fact that the people who left some of the major pharma companies during large cut backs a number of years ago are now out of circulation ie they have found new positions either within this field or moved on to doing other things.

Importantly although people with industry experience seem to be high up on the wish list for different companies we also see relatively inexperienced and people with fresh degrees sometimes getting more than one offer and we have lost candidates that we have believed to be safe due to them finding positions for example in a geographical area closer to were they currently live.

Hi PG,

I have to agree that's the trend in Sweden/Scandanavia. Many of the pharmas in those Areas to include Nycomed, LEO, AZ, and more recently Novo Nordisk have undergood Job cuts for a variety of reasons. Many of my CPH based colleauges (some were from SWE and communted accross the Malmo Bridge) where unable to find Jobs an started their own consultancies or joined others. There has been a General upswing in 3rd Party Service Providers based in Scandavia, with..scandanvian Prices mind you. In genaral i'm Hearing from my ex-colleagues that there is alot of work on the consultancy side (the pharma's did lay off, but the work remained) and are reporting "growth" - hense the hiring you hear off of Folks with lesser experiences. The buzz off is high there and again pointing to Networking in relatively closed netword circles (hard to Access).

Here in Switzerland, we a couple years behind you, companies are consistently let go employees (there is no growing Company here, all are in revenue decline mode) and some are just looking bluntly to move head-count out of here to save on FTE and operations costs in attemps to preserve mid-term EBIT (Swiss Prices are high and the strong CHF is not helping if you consider Need to adjust for fx rates). Displaced employees are only now finding new footing, in part, by starting their own companies or joining others who have. The early pioneer are reporting that they have plenty of work to the Point where they are turning down Client requests for contract work, unless they hire. I can say here, unless networked in relatively closed circles, you will get the buzz off. Its basically global competition in a small economy and schrinking pharma industry sector, if everybody is not trying to get here, then everyone is trying to stay here. What can I say, Swiss Quality of life is hard to beat for its historic competitor that often wins..Scandanavia (Denmark). So buzz off is high here to the Point of bad behvior linked to buzz off.

Way of the world, i dont see it getting better in my sector/area.

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