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Re: Dealing with Jealousy When Networking and Interviewing

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:07 am
by Nate W.
Dave, apparently you are upset about something else. Don't understand why this last entry would upset you so much that you would attack me personally. Let me correct the record. Yes, I don't have a PhD because my program lost their funding. I do have two MS. There was nothing that I could do about this situation. All I could do was make the most of what I have. However, I am just as much a scientist as anyone on this forum; 20 years in the laboratory, a dissertation, and numerous publications.

You also want to portray me as someone looking for a job for the last 10-15 years. This is not the case. I have had several jobs in the last 15 years: Adjunct professor, scientist, and patent analyst. It is not professional to attack someone personally online. The polite way to handle your concerns is to email me privately.

This forum has always been about alternative tracks in the sciences, which includes a broad range of topics. I am trying to compete for a position in two of these alterative tracks but there is not much work here in Texas and there are numerous scientists being trained here in the academy. We care to disagree about a peer's willingness to help others; it is the more senior managers who are more inclined to help. What I am suggesting is not that outrageous? I have used several real world examples to make my point.

Why don't you email me with you "real" concern?

Re: Dealing with Jealousy When Networking and Interviewing

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:44 pm
by Nate W.
I also help out with the BioNorth Texas group. Most biotech companies in Texas, which is roughly between 400-500, have less than 50 people. However, Texas probably has the largest number of graduates with PhDs or MS in the life sciences given the number of four year colleges and 11 medical schools. So the competition is fierce and so there is not much incentive to help others. Trust me I have tried to reciprocate with my peers. Plus, these smaller companies don't have employee referral programs. Most biotechs in most regions of the US are not the Pfizer and Merck's of the world.

Re: Dealing with Jealousy When Networking and Interviewing

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:24 pm
by Dave Jensen
Nate, I've re-read my post and stand by it. I don't see a personal attack, but I'll apologize if you see one. I reposted things that you've placed here before -- that you aren't a PhD and that you're looking for more of a business role. Perhaps that's why your experience is a bit different than some others.

Instead, I see that I was posting in frustration to an endless thread, in which the common denominator of the readership had been forgotten. I can forgive that for a thread that goes on for a few posts, but five pages? Your suggestions are like a chemist telling people they should jump right into grad school Organic Chemistry courses, without taking Chemistry 101. It's just not going to work for most people who read this forum.

Nate, you've been posting for years, but you've never taken the approach of diminishing our core advice on the forum. Thanks for keeping your experiences separate from bashes of the forum insights. [Reading this later, I see that I've bashed YOUR insights. SO we'll both try to stay on topic with the general direction this forum takes - advice for those transitioning from one world to another so to speak].