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Just one word for you . . . "Plastics"

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:03 pm
by Dave Jensen
If you are old enough, or a film buff, you'll recall the career advice that Dustin Hoffman gets after his graduation in "The Graduate." (One of everyone's list of the top 100 Films Ever Made).

He's at his graduation party when he gets cornered by a neighbor who wants to offer him a nugget of career advice. Big roll out to the "one word of advice" and it turns out to be "Plastics." Well, maybe that was good advice at the time.

All things go in cycles. Now, that's a good piece of career advice once again. Read the slide deck below about bioplastics maker Avantium and you'll see that Europe is going to see the availability of this company's stock soon. Plastics . . . a hot career choice once again, with new technology that is bioprocessing enabled.

Dave Jensen

Re: Just one word for you . . . "Plastics"

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:54 pm
by Dick Woodward
Avantium is a good company, but an issue with any sort of biobased product, whether it be a bioplastic or biofuel, is the basic biological feedstock and what else it could be used for. Here in the US, I have read that 40% of our corn crop (15% of the world's supply, according to the article) is burned in our cars. Ethanol is not a particularly efficient fuel, but it helps Iowa politicians get elected.

What this basically means is that bioplastics must be careful as to what the feedstock is and what the unintended consequences of the use of that feedstock are. I suspect that if the world's supply of edible corn were to expand by curtailing the use of ethanol as a motor fuel, there might be significantly less hunger.

Just one man's opinion.