Would you put this on your resume as a job?

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Would you put this on your resume as a job?

Postby Nate W. » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:06 am

Recently, I met a colleague through a non-profit organization. He works as an investment banker at a company that acquires and restructures companies in the medical and chemical industries. Since he doesn't have a scientific background, he would like for me to identify and evaluate some potential companies. Initially, I thought he just wanted some help with contacts for which I would gladly do for free. Then after I helped him with 2-3 contacts that didn't pan out, he told me that the firm would pay me a finder's fee of 8% gross earnings for each company they acquired or restructured. Their minimum requirement for a potential company is EBITDA in excess of $2-3 million. It is straight commission no benefits.

As I look for a full-time job, would you put this on your resume? My colleague will provide me with a reference. The upside is the potential compensation and the opportunity for placement within the acquired company.
Nate W.
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Re: Would you put this on your resume as a job?

Postby D.X. » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:05 am

It depends on your individual Situation. A question to you: is it any benefit to your career trajectory?.

I think with resumes, there should be red thread that runs through your experiences that allows you to tell a Story verbally - will this Job fit into your Story?

Becareful have having a CV what could be percieved as a fragmented Assemblage of experiences with no Story to tell.

On the other Hand, Balance that with sometimes employers may want to see you're keeping yourself busy during a period of unemployement, ideally with an activitiy where you're learning something that is of value to your development.

If you put it one the CV, I recommend that you are clear in what your role and responsiblity is, like anything else on the resume, you are accoutable for what is written in the CV.

I'm not going to comment on the activity itself, that's for you to decide and judge how and if you carry on. As is, whether you choose to add it to your CV in consideration of the above.

So from my end, I can't tell you whether to put it or not - but consider the above and take the decision.

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