future dilemma

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future dilemma

Postby robert » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:30 am

Hi!I am in my final year of pharmacy and am interested in a career in biotechnology but find myself in an unusual position,I started my degree in 1998 and should have completed it in 2002 but due family commitments[death of my father and help in setting up my mother's business] I wasnt able to devote enough time to my studies.I would be completing my degree in april 2005.The gap in completion is giving me sleepless nights.I have always been a distinction holder right from high school and am very keen to pursue my goal of a career in pharmaceutical biotechnology.[apply for ms]I would like to know my from the experienced and highly qualified panel about the steps I take to cover up these inadequacies.Would an industry related project help or I take some entrance exams to establish good academic credentials.How would the industry/university react to such a situation.I have marketing experience and also done projects on protein modelling and drug design but would like to add onto it.

I would be obliged if someone with the wealth of experience and wisdom on these forums guide me on this afterall if jailed criminals could still find a place in society and blind men climb mount everest there could still be a chance.well you could understand the desparation I am in.Please help me
Thanking you in advance

future dilemma

Postby Dave Jensen » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:56 am

Hi Robert,

Didn't you post this once before? I seem to remember the blind men and Mt. Everest part. If so, please only post a question once on this forum.

I've worked 20 yrs in the biotech world, and while I am certain there are some out there, I've never seen a Pharmacists as a major ingredient of the industry. Therefore, I think you are headed more towards the big pharma industry, or a career at Walgreens. I hope to have someone else post here in response, clarifying my statements and suggesting some ways that the Pharmacy degree is used in pure biotech.

With regards to your date of completion, I don't think that there is any hiring manager in the world who wouldn't understand the need to take family time when a parent dies. You did the right thing, and now you are back at your education. Fine. No problem at all. Just the degree type issue; if you wanted to do work with proteins, perhaps a Biochem degree would've been more appropriate.


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future dilemma

Postby Pat P » Wed Nov 17, 2004 2:01 pm


Thats exactly what I thought when I read that Mt. Everest line....maybe posted on the previous forum?

Anyways, regarding the question.... I have heard that people with Industrial Pharmacy degree do work in biopharm companies. I am sorry that I cant say more on this. I personally think you should try and there is a good chance of getting a job. Your "plan B" of getting Pharm Bio degree sounds good to me, both to acquire new skills and to have a known degree as well.

Pat P
Pat P

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