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Is peer review egalitarian? Impact on career prospects in academia

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:14 pm
by Nate W.
Dear Forum,

About two years ago, I formed the opinion that the problem with academic research and why many scientists have limited prospects in academia is because the peer review process is not objective. Complicating this problem is a hypercompetitive financial model of distributing federal money that is not self-sustainable. Thus, the system of peer review is full of favoritism depending more on who you study under or work for; not based on the merits of what you accomplish. I know that many of you might disagree with this. However, I wanted to share this article(s) from the former President of the ASBMB. ... tsMessage/ ... rs-1.16082

Read the comments posted in response to this article. What are your thoughts on Dr. McKnight's statements and do you think this problem he alludes to adversely effects the future prospects of academic scientists?