University teacher position in biology

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University teacher position in biology

Postby Alb » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:15 am

Dear Forum,

I have a (french) PhD in biology and I would be interested in a university teaching position, without research activity.
Do someone know if such "teaching-only-positions" are offered by universities and accessible to a fresh-graduated PhD? And if yes in which country? (I would be interested in the first place by a teaching position in the USA or UK)

Thank you.
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Re: University teacher position in biology

Postby D.X. » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:32 am

Hi Alb,

In the absense of guidance from others, I can comment from a US perspective.

Those teaching postions exist usually at Community Colleges or usually at County or City Level where the main Focus is teaching and less Research. There are targeted educational institutes that give professional education such as Optmetry or Allied health Services which could be housed under a broader University.

Those positons are hard to come by for a new PhD and are very competitive. A potential albiet risky path you can look at are adjunct positions. These positions have been discussed here on the Forum, there is good and bad in them - good if you're looking to get some teaching experience, that could Bridge to one of those teaching roles, the employment/health benefits! See more below.

I have Held an Adjunct Professor role for an Allied Health department (Physcial Rehabilitation) for a Pharmacology course that I don't talk about as i did it for a Semester for some Additional income while i was in Transition career wise so I don't discuss it. But basically you get paid a certain about of cash per course - ist not sufficient to live if you have one course only but its cash and its a nice experience. I supplemented my post doc Research income - this was the tiem when i was exploring EVERYWHERE for career Options/next steps. I was able to build a good Network in the Interim and perhaps who knows could have turned it into something. I was able to be a post doc in one University and have that adjuct in another - it was fine ethically.

I have a friend who does this, she's a non-tenure faculty so stable income and Position but she supplements her income by adjuncting at all the local universities - so she can take one about 2 courses a Semester - her Network so so broad that every Semester she can be assured she has 2 courses at Minimum and her PI supports. Key Point is she has bread and butter income and benefits, you DON'T HAVE ANY BENEFITS (Healht coverage, Pension, etc), nor are you a true University employee but if you see it as some form of stepping Stone and have an open mind and you can afford to take that experience then why not?

That friend of mine in her Situation has a blast with it - and she's got such a Network from a few years doing this that I'm sure she can get one of those teaching positions non-adjunct one day if she's in a bind and want's to pull the Trigger. And she can also then control what she takes and not take because they Keep coming to her.

I don't get caught up on the Adjucnt discussions on this Forum, usually by those who haven't Held such Position or can't see that may be it could be relevent experience for someone on thier individual path.

But you have a Long and risky path, cna be found but ensure you're exploreing other Areas.

Best and adjuntly yours,

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