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Take a Risk - Don't be Afraid to Fail

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:53 pm
by Dave Jensen
I love this short video from a senior executive talking about what he looks for when he hires. He's not talking about scientists for his firm, but the life sciences CEO's I've spoken with over several decades always feel the same way. Don't be afraid to fail. The "stuff you are made of" will show future interviewers how you recovered and what you made of that failure. Don't be afraid to talk about failures in interviews -- his lessons are interesting. Short video, with watching:

Dave Jensen, Founder & Moderator

Re: Take a Risk - Don't be Afraid to Fail

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:00 am
by D.X.
I am reminded of my favorite Quote which I have posted numerous times, it's by Tom Peters: "Reward Excellent Failures, Punish Mediocre Successes".

It was hinted to but not directly mentioned, when you fail big, it means the risk you took, was probably big one, had it succeeded, maybe the win would have been fantastic. But the good part with failing big, is the then I do think there is corralation to the learning. Also a bunch of Little Fails also add up too, the incremental learnings then I think synergicially and exponetiall add up as well, not science related, but look at Air B&B. A bunch of Little Fails and BAM...a market value of 10 Billion is it?

I've certainly failed a few times and interestingly, as noted on this Video, is when you can find your weak Points, which you can talk to in an interview. And in the relm of failure, it doesn't have to mean you've lost Money for a Company, it could be a personal failure as well that may have rocked your inner being. So there are different types of failures.

And interestingly seeing an interview with Jose Almeida (CEO of Baxter) he noted types of failure at least for his view that are acceptable and not acceptable - the ones where you fail early in an endeavor are more acceptable in his mind vs. the ones where you fail much later or end of an endeavor - I would partly agree because probably one is ignoring alot of warning signs and symptoms - where i don't agree is with a compnay, organizational behavior can Limit the raising of the Hand, I've see this a few times.

Career wise, I think this relates to taking risks - a big risk for me was my fear of leaving academia to go to well something I never did before. I feared I would fail big time. And...I did!

I got fired (!!), cause I sucked(woo hoo go me! fired from my first Job outside academia!). But --i picked myself up, didn't let some tiny 3 month experience determine who I was, LEARNED from it big time, and well - the rest is history...with other failures experienced and learned from as well during my journey. I figure I have a quite a few more failures waiting for me especially now I have entrepreneural ambitions and first Hand taste that is intensifying my desier in the mid-term (7 to 10 year plan to be free of corporate) - at least until i'm retired and sipping martini's on a beach, and well since I don't see that Happening, well then, bring it on.

So, for the record, I certainly wasnt' proud back then, that I got fired from my first Job outside academia for failing - but I am now! Damn proud. Because I learned.