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Christmas tale

PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 10:05 pm
by Val

Hi everyone,

It is important to brown-nose in your employing company. I am interested to get a permanent position where I work. Today the new head of the division was walking around offices and was giving the Xmas wishes to each employee (to those few who has not gone for holidays yet). The head approached my office, read my name on the door, asked: "How are you, Val !", and energetically shook my hand. Further he asked me what I was up to on Xmas. I decided to use it as an opportunity to promote myself. I figured out I needed to set myself apart from the crowd and make him remember me, so I said: "I do nothing; but I will go away for celebration of the Russian Christmas which is on 6 January !". The head hesitated not knowing what to say in reply, and then wished me best of luck and left. There is a fine line between looking like everyone else, and setting apart from the crowd; I hope I threaded the line just fine... :-)


Christmas tale

PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 12:51 pm
by Dave Jensen
Hi Val,

My Christmas story isn't about brown-nosing. It is about how important it is not to count on the bonus you get from employers at the year-end.

My company had always had a great year-end bonus. After about eight years of those, I was counting on that bonus, and I am sure that everyone else was as well.

Well, the big day of the holiday party came and everyone was told to line up on the loading dock at the company. There was Christmas cheer, beer and wine, a number of great big honey-baked hams, and everyone was enjoying sandwiches and Christmas music. Then, a big truck started backing in, and an announcement came that Santa had arrived for everyone at the company. The back of the truck opened, and there was the company CEO, who looked mighty ridiculous in an overly-large Santa suit. He was ho-ho-ho'ing as he pulled the covers off a giant load of frozen turkeys.

Everyone let out a sigh when we saw those birds. That was the year that the company decided to replace a cash bonus with a turkey for every employee. What a letdown. My wife and I gave ours away.