Should I tell them no?

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Should I tell them no?

Postby Madison » Mon Dec 27, 2004 3:49 pm

I'm currently applying for Assistant Professor positions. I've gone on 8 interviews (first visits) in the last two month, and have 3 more scheduled for January. I also have 2 second vists scheduled for January, and I was told verbally and in email that I would be receiving written job offers at those second visits. One of these (second visit) schools is very attractive to me, one isn't. I have nothing in writing yet.

My problem is that today I received 3 additional invitations for "second visits". I'm not really interested in accepting offers from these schools - I'm more interested in the one that already called, as well as the 3 schools that I still have yet to go on "first visits" to. Should I turn these schools down? I'm very nervous about that, since I don't have any offers in writing yet. I'm exhausted from all the traveling and would really like to not re-visit schools I don't want to go to.

Would it be appropriate to make these schools wait until after I've visited all the schools (that have called so far) a first time? At least that way I wouldn't be telling them "no", but keeping them in reserve. My second visit to the school that I want is at the end of January - can I realistically put these 3 schools off that long?

Should I tell them no?

Postby Madison » Mon Dec 27, 2004 6:14 pm

I would not accept an offer from them if my #1 choice (so far) comes through (second visit at the end of January). Now if this were to fall apart, I will be sorry that I didn\'t go on those 3 second visits. However, I will probably need to let these schools know if I want to make a return visit before the end of January; before my second visit to #1.

So do I take the chance that everything will be ok with #1 and tell these 3 that called to FO? Or do I run myself ragged visiting EVERYWHERE to ensure ultimate job protection. I still have several FIRST visits to make in Jan, as well as first visits to any schools that haven\'t contacted me yet. I would like to leave Jan slots open for first visits to schools I\'m more interested in, rather than take them up with second visits to schools I don\'t really like.

How likely is it for a dept. head to renig on a firm-sounding verbal/email offer?

Should I tell them no?

Postby steven » Mon Dec 27, 2004 7:21 pm

Santa gave too many gifts for you this Christmas. Anyway, run yourself "ragged visiting EVERYWHERE to ensure ultimate job protection". Or you may run out of luck for the next Christmas.

good luck

Should I tell them no?

Postby John Fetzer » Mon Dec 27, 2004 9:46 pm

You need to plan each and work towards it independently! Your number 1 choice is your preference, but door open and close. If you let the three pass you by and the number 1 decides not to pick you (second visits often entail more than one candidate and you may not be their first choice). This would leave you with your number 5 or lower choice as your options.

There is nothing wrong with setting up several contingencies as insurance. This is your career, not some game where you start over if you do not win.
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