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The importance of other activities

PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 2:04 pm
by Andrew
I have a couple of questions to you:

"1. What if someone does not have a personal pre-disposition to be a leader ? Should they end up their whole lives unemployed ?

2. If _everyone_ you hired are leaders by personality, whom are they going to lead ? "

1. No, but they won't be working for me. There is no Equal Opportunity Law where it comes to leadership ability or character. I have every right to discriminate on that basis. I'm sure there are others that select purely on intellect. If you do that, give me a call in a few years and let me know how it worked out. Personally, I have not had very good luck with the straight A student with no outside interests.

2. In a modern company where much of the work is done inside the matix organization of multifunctional project teams, employees have to demonstrate leadership at all levels. I have Chem IIs managing projects where the work spans divisions. Everyone needs to be able to do this.