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Never Give Up!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 3:26 pm
by Kevin
Hello all,

OK, I have a really strange story--that happens to be true--about why you shouldn't give up on your job search...even after being rejected. I'm assuming that something this ridiculous could only occur in academia, but if there's anyone out there with a counter-example from industry, let's hear it.

I applied for academic positions this year. So did my wife. We both applied most places where there were positions for both of us (we're in different departments, but both science). In the end, there were still only about six schools that fit this criteria.

One of them offered me an interview. I went, and I thought I could have done better. It was only my second interview, and I really didn't do a very good "chalk talk". Anyway, I thought it was a nice visit, but that they would surely pick someone else (though I should add that they had two positions, and invited eight candidates, so I did have a ~25% chance). This was in early December.

In late Jan/early Feb, my wife did her interview tour of the US (six of them). I did not receive any interviews where we had both applied (too bad), but everyone said I should send them my cv and updated research proposal. Well, one bit. The most highly-ranked school we applied to asked me to go for an interview. So before my wife got back (we are postdocs in France), I was on a plane headed to the interview.

Then, amazingly, they offered both of us positions. We were, and still are elated.

But there's more. Just today, I heard from the December school that they want to offer me a position! I had assumed that they had written me off (somewhat deservedly). What's the funniest part is that they had actually sent me a rejection letter (that I never received) by mistake!

I wasn't December U's first choice, but what the heck, it's still cool to get an offer even if I can't really consider it because the other department at Dec U didn't interview my wife.

I guess the message is: don't give up hope even if you get rejected. On the other hand, I have generally found that no news is bad news.

Happy hunting...