How do you prefer recruiters contact you?

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Re: How do you prefer recruiters contact you?

Postby Dave Jensen » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:35 am

Ana wrote:Not a millennial. E-mail or LinkedIn private message (gets to my email) are also my preferred routes to either schedule a call or copy a couple of my contact emails for the recruiter if I think they would be more interested in such opportunity.

Do you know it costs about $10 or so PER EMAIL to use LinkedIn's mail function?
How could any business that makes dozens or a hundred contacts in a day really do that?

Should a small business (some single person doing a recruiting job) pay$300,000 a year in LinkedIn "InMail" charges (when they earn substantially less than this) or pay the exorbitant bulk pricing and "Recruiter" charges the website imposes?

I don't think that's practical. You can only message people for free if you are first person connected. If I do a search even in an area I know well, and have 100 in the list, 20 of them will be first connections and the other 80 will be people I'd have to pay $10 to reach. That is not a workable solution.

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Re: How do you prefer recruiters contact you?

Postby PG » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:42 am

Also not a millenial. For me anything works as long as you are actually able to reach me and as I said my office phone is unlikely to accomplish that while linkedin, e-mail (Company or personal) as well as mobile phone will usually succeed. If I get contacted by for example my Company e-mail about receiving advice regarding a position I will move that dicussion to my personal e-mail or phone if it would be a position that I have some type of interest in. Also note that I am in Europe meaning that the Company I work for have very limited possibilities to monitor also my Company phone or e-mail unless they have reason to for example suspect a crime.

The way this usually works for the moment is that I get an invite on linkedin to connect with someone from a recruiting Company only saying Hi, my name is xxx and I work as a senior recruiter for yyy and would like to connect with you. Once I accept we can exchange messages more easily.
I usually accept invites from recruiters with activities in my field since a contact is of mutual benefit regardless if I am currently interested in a new position or not since I both have a network of other people that might be relevant and that I also sometimes needs to recruit of course my situation may also change in the future.
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