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insights into behavior

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 10:12 am
by Carlysle Tancha
I remember recently reading an article on a airline's backseat pocket. There had been some information relating confidence and self-esteem with being able to accurately predict a particular outcome--a very simple psych experiment. From watching some colleagues interact with others at the bench, I see that the degree of frustration has a lot to do with the constant failure of experiments, which is all too prevalent in the life sciences. Granted, this is the nature of experimentalism, but to what degree are people feeling out of control? I think that this is a very relevant point and am thinking that we should try to balance (somehow) our lives with some kind of activity that takes us out of the lab and provides some sense of predictability--maybe a routine exercise or something.

I happened to do a bit of googling and found this excerpt...

44. But for most people it is through the power process having a goal, making an AUTONOMOUS effort and attaining the goal -- that self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense
of power are acquired. When one does not have adequate opportunity to go through the power process the consequences are (depending on the individual and on the way the power process is disrupted) boredom, demoralization, low self-esteem, inferiority feelings, defeatism, depression, anxiety, guilt, frustration, hostility, spouse or child abuse, insatiable hedonism, abnormal sexual behavior, sleep disorders, eating disorders. etc. [6]

I didn't realize where this came from until I checked the Washington Post (9/1995)--just about a decade ago and realized that these words were actually made by someone whom went over the edge with being out of control. (

Perhaps with the knowledge of this, we can try to prevent situations in the future; in fact can also learn a lot about others whom are frustrated in their careers--being able to provide some sense of WHY.