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My own little motivation experiment

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:28 am
by Emil Chuck
I recently attended a class on interpersonal skills in the workplace. In that session, I was asked to do the following exercise, which I share with the rest of the board. There are no right answers of course, but I did want to see discussion of these points, and I'd like to do a comparison that may be useful for everyone on the board.

This poll is not scientific unless someone wants to make it scientific.


1) On a scale of one to ten, rank in order these ten items as to how important you feel they are to you, with #1 being the most important and #10 being the least important.

2a) To trainees: re-rank this list according to how you believe your supervisor would respond to this question.

2b) To supervisors: re-rank this list according to how you believe your employees or trainees would respond to this question.

The ten choices are listed in alphabetical order (and I hope unordered list tags work).

  • Feeling "in" on things
  • Full appreciation for work done
  • Good wages and benefits
  • Good working conditions
  • Job security
  • Personal loyalty to employees
  • Promotion and growth in the company
  • Sympathetic help on personal problems
  • Tactful discipline
  • Work that keeps you interested

3) In your response tell me if you are a trainee, employee, or a supervisor. Also tell me the type of institution where you work (academic, industry, [whatever]). For those of us not in the US, please indicate that as well.

4) Send your responses to me by email. My email link is highlighted above. The deadline to reply is one week from now (Sunday, August 21, noon ET). All responses will remain anonymous.