Senior Postdoc Salary

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Senior Postdoc Salary

Postby Phoebe D. » Thu Aug 25, 2005 3:20 pm

Hi there,
I'm hoping someone will be able to give me advice re. the salary I should be requesting. I have 3 yrs postdoc experience (in a US high profile institution, with good publications) and have returned to Europe to work. I am in a positive situation as I have been offered a position, and have also been awarded a grant that will cover a good part of my salary for two years. The current guidelines for salaries of postdocs here lists it in "Points"- 11 of them.... does this refer to the number of years experience? The position will pretty much be tailored for me, and they have asked me how much funding I will require on top of what I have... and I want to go back with a reasonable figure. I have pasted the "list" from the guidelines below- the first column shows the gross salary, with the final column on each row showing the actual cost to budget (includes pension, social cost etc). We're still working out the exact project, so I think it's reasonable to decide the cost of that later, but I need to let them know what salary I require. I would really appreciate any advice, as I don't want to mess this up by saying too high or too low! Thank you in advance.

Post-Doctorate Researcher
Point 1 34,460 3,704 6,892 1,723 46,779
Point 2 36,115 3,882 7,223 1,806 49,026
Point 3 37,794 4,063 7,559 1,890 51,305
Point 4 39,151 4,209 7,830 1,958 53,147
Point 5 40,506 4,354 8,101 2,025 54,987
Point 6 41,902 4,504 8,380 2,095 56,882
Point 7 43,319 4,657 8,664 2,166 58,806
Point 8 44,727 4,808 8,945 2,236 60,717
Point 9 46,141 4,960 9,228 2,307 62,636
Point 1047,568 5,114 9,514 2,378 64,574
Point 1148,871 5,254 9,774 2,444 66,342
Phoebe D.
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