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dependence on PI ?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:41 am
by Sandra Raffael
I have a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry and although I know one should start to look for a job/postdoc several months before finishing, I have not managed to do so.
I have faced a lot of problems during my PhD: I was always in a hurry in the laboratory and always afraid that I could not present satisfying results in the next weekly meeting. My PI had told me from time to time that I was too slow and that I would have many difficulties working in industry; he often used my workforce to type his book contributions (and at the same time he sneered at people who do such a writing job).
Finally I have 3 publications from my PhD (1 1st author in a very good journal) plus one from my undergraduate studies.
I want to continue doing research and then find a job in industry, and my PI told me during all these years and also recently that he would help my finding a postdoc/job. After 3 months of complete break which I took after my PhD I have started to apply for postdocs/jobs, and now of course I am in a big hurry. I have informed my PI about my job hunt by e-mail. He answered kindly that he will help me, but I doubt that; he often did not do what he promised to do, and just does not tell you like this when asked directly. I asked him to write a letter of recommendation for a postdoc application, and he sent it without delay, but for the next two applications (I mean I need alternatives until I have a real offer, don´t I) he has not answered. Nothing happens. I don´t want to call him, because he is very moody, and he often treated me with disrespect, shouting, not interested in me at all. How can you discuss with s.o. about your career who does not care about you?
What do you think about my situation ? Is it just a matter of obstinately following my goals ? I have met many collegues that I don´t regard quicker or more capable or intelligent in chemistry, and I have the impression they are better off than I am. I wonder what I can do in order to not destroy my career more than it is already.

Any comments are highly appreciated. Thank you!