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confused about career path

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 5:23 am
by Pinar
Hi everybody,
I am another person who is very confused about her career path. My situation is different than Heidi's. I have a Chemistry BS and Biochemistry MS from another country. I completed my MS 8 years ago. About 6 years ago I worked as a scientific tech. in a cancer research company. I learned most of the basic molecular biology techniques but because of my husbands' relocation I quit. I had worked only 1,5 years on that center. Well, technique wise I learned a lot but theory wise, I still have lot to learn. After waiting about 1 year I started working as a Research Coordinator in a hospital (in our new location) for the Clinical Trial of a new test. The project I was in ended in 6 monts than I started working part time while taking cell biology course to update myself. After working 2 years I had to quit because of high risk pregnancy to my twin boys. I stayed w my kids at home for 1,5 years I was about to go back to work but again because of my husbands' relocation we had to move to another state!! Now I am at home mom, my kids are starting school soon and I am trying to get back to work. I keep sending my resume but don't get any respond from anybody. I am feeling that changing fields very often destroyed my resume. I know if I start working again I am going to adjust very quickly but since I don't get any response from the companies I apply I started loosing my confidence.

Any advises will be highly appreciated.