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Research Meteorology

PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 3:27 pm
by Rich
Hello all,

First post here. I've been trying to find work as a Research Meteorologist or some similar high tech / weather hybrid for some time and have found it extremely hard to break through to get interviews.

I've got 10+ years as a high-tech consultant, and have applied experience as a forecaster to go along with my BS in Computer Science and MS in Atmospheric Science.

There are two things I believe hold me up in the attempt to get past interview screeners: Salary requirements, and experience level. they are interconnected: In the high-tech world, I would be considered pretty senior, and of course high-tech pays pretty well. I'm trying to make the move to a more weather oriented career and totally understand and expect to be considered more junior and paid less in my new position and have no problem with that, but how to convey they on paper without is the question.

If anyone has any ideas, or better still and ins at companies that do weather modeling or research, I'd love to hear them.