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Summer Internship Essay

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:59 pm
by Jonathon W
Hi, Everyone,

I'm an undergraduate student with a major in Biology (emphasis in Medical Sciences) and a minor in Genetics. I’m currently filling out applications for summer interenships. For all of the internships that I’m apply for, I’m required to write a one page essay. In the essay, I need to give a description of my interest, career goals, objectives, and why I want to be a scientist.

I was wondering if I could get some feedback for how I structured my introduction. Is my introduction strong? Should I change any of the introduction?

High school science classes failed to pique my interest for scientific research, but I gained a new perspective on biology in general, and genetics in particular, while working as a transporter for a local hospital. It was the change of environment that allowed me to develop a strong passion and love for genetic research.

Over the last couple of years, after taking a genetics course, a biology course, and reading scientific journals (e.g., Nature Genetics), I have developed an interest towards congenital genetic defects. ………………………

Thank you in advance!

Jonathon W.