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To stay or not to stay...

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 6:56 pm
I started my Ph.D in Fall 2002. Two years into the program (coursework + lab rotations + 1yr thesis lab) I switched to another university to be near my fiancee. I have been in this lab (my thesis lab) for the past 1 year now and it has been a NIGHTMARE! My P.I first put on a project that he knew he was going to drop in some time. I of course was not privy to that information and hence worked on it for 7 months. He then switched me to another project. This was the first blow. But I thought I would come out okay even if I had lost those 7 months..only to discover 5 months earlier (NOT FROM HIM) that he is moving to his home country soon. I have been under severe depression ever since and totally unmotivated both in my personal and professional life. About 3 weeks back, I asked his wife (who BTW has been giving me a hard time ever since I started working in this lab) if they are indeed moving. She did not deny it and I had a talk about this with my P.I too. They are moving in a year but they say they will find out for sure only in April! Meanwhile the money in the lab has run out. My project from the beginning has only been 'scraps' from his wife. Should I cut my losses and switch to another lab (hence losing 3 years) or should I stay knowing the risk of facing the same situation a year down the road????