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Disheartened and confused

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 5:02 am
by R.V.G.
Hi All,
I hope that you can help shed some light onto my current situation. I am currently completing my first postdoc. It has been two years of which there has been many interruptions one of which involved moving to a different university with my boss and currently setting up a lab. I didn't want to move but was unsuccesful in finding alternate positions and have a strong interest in this area of research so decided to take the plunge and move anyway. Currently there is no properly established lab, my CV is suffering and in an attempt to gain some control over my career I wrote to another lab which I was very interested in working with, enquiring about the possibility of working with them. Whilst they were interested, they had no immediate funding and suggested that we collaborate on a project until they found the funding. I thought this was a good idea and suggested it to my boss who flatly turned it down. I feel all my attempts to gain some control over my research career is failing and feel very disheartened. I am considering making an appointment with the other group anyway and going in to discuss my idea for a project and try to collaborate in writing a grant proposal or something.I'm not sure how ethical this is and don't want to step on any toes or gain a bad reputation, but feel like I need to do something. I would really appreciate any advice.
Cheers, rvg