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Horrible phone interview!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 8:44 pm
by Chris Buntel
I just conducted my most unpleasant telephone interview with a candidate ever. I'm especially grumpy about it because the candidate looked great on paper.

Please don't make any of these critical mistakes...

1. Candidate did zero research ahead of time. He had five days notice, but didn't know anything about our company. It is incredibly easy to do research with Google, Yahoo Finance, and company homepages. He actually asked if I was supposed to have sent him materials ahead of time. Please, do your homework.

2. Candidate seemed bored. It was 6:30pm, but he seemed like he just woke up. Please, sound happy and excited.

3. Candidate had no answer at all for why he wanted to join my company, or why he wanted to leave his current situation. He actually said that he was comfortable in his current job, and was not especially motivated to relocate to another city. Please, have credible positive answers for these two questions.

The telephone interview is like going on a first date. Both parties are trying to get the other interested in continuing the relationship (i.e. getting an on-site interview, and ultimately a job offer).

Good luck in interviewing! Chris Buntel.