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Forum Posters Alert: Request for Help from Industry Candidates

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:50 pm
by Dave Jensen

Many of our favorite industry posters here are well known people in hiring manager positions in industry. I've heard from a few of them that they are less active now, since the forum has more or less taken a large turn towards postdoctoral discussion, often of a negative nature. I am not dismissing the importance of that dialog for postdocs, but I would also like to see the forum flourish with industry-relevant posts about careers in industry science. When one of my contacts said that he may be "bored" soon with the forum, I thought we needed to refresh them (our old time, frequent industry posters) about why this is a very valuable use of their time.

For anyone who has had any benefit from the forum in landing a job or in understanding the industry job market better, won't you please take a moment to draft a private email to me at I am assembling a document with quotes and comments from younger people who feel that the forum has benefited them (and in particular the senior voices who come in to advise here).

Thanks for taking a moment to help me in my quest to make everyone who puts in time here realize the value of what they are giving to others.

Dave Jensen, Moderator