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A couple of interesting educational policy questions

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:47 pm
by Todd Graham
I have a couple of questions kicking around in my head from what I've read on this board this week and from other networking opportunities:

1) While there is a glass ceiling for BS/MS level positions, the ceiling seems a lot lower for BS types than MS. Do you think there should be more of an effort to incorporate what's learned on a Master's level into a Bachelor's degrees, or at least offer more combined BS/MS programs? I can think of a couple of reasons, both from a purely educational and an internal university politics perspective, why it doesn't happen, but I'm curious to your ideas

2) Not everyone can take the time to commit to a traditional PhD program. It might be financial or it might be personal. What do you think should be done? Should there be more financial support available to those in these kind of spots? More realisitically, do you think part-time PhD programs akin to what I know is available at Rutgers and a few other places be more widely available?