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What are the exit opportunities from technology transfer and commericalization?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:11 am
by Linars

After finishing my Masters end of last year, I wanted an alternative to bench work as I wasn't interested in a research career. I'm in Asia, and the biotech/ pharma sector here is still in its infancy unlike in the US. During my job hunt, I realized that 99.99% of the non-research positions available were in sales, as product specialists. Even "business development manager/associate" was a pseudonym for sales positions with most life science/ pharma companies here, where you have to go lab-to-lab or office-to-office promoting your product.

I have recieved a job offer with the technology commercialization unit of my university after finishing my MS. Just to give you an idea, there are only 2 universities in Singapore, and my university is the only one with an established bio/ medical faculty. The job profile is quite diverse and interesting, and it'll utilize my scientific knowledge and provide an opportunity to pick up some business skills, and meanwhile network with people from VC firms and pharma companies.

I want to ask fellow board members if they know of career paths one can take after technology commercialization. I suppose people don't stay on here for years at an end... where do they move on from here?