How do I find the hiring manager?

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How do I find the hiring manager?

Postby EP » Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:17 am

The response to my previous question was that I should send my resume directly to the person hiring rather than to the recruiting firm. So how do I find out who that person is? The company website will give me the VP in charge.
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How do I find the hiring manager?

Postby Andy Spencer » Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:34 am


If I know someone (or know someone who knows someone), even a little bit, I will give them a call and tell them I am interested in an open position at their company. I'll ask if they happen to know who the hiring manager is. Often, these people will then tell me the hiring manager's name or look it up for me (some companies have internal job boards), giving me the appropriate address or email.

Alternatively, I won't know anyone at the company. In these cases, I'll look through the literature and find a paper from the company (e.g., NCBI PubMed site, search "Amgen"). Once I find a group at a company doing work that sounds related to the open position, I'll email or call the first and/or last author (often these are hiring managers). To get someone's phone number, just call the companies main number and say "Hi I'm calling to speak with So and So." The operator will almost always connect you. Sometimes you'll get a call back, sometimes you won't.

If I don't know anyone and can't find anything in the literature, I immediately turn to Google. Google should be one of your best friends during a job search. If you do a search for "" "scientist" and "Merck" simultaneously, you'll turn up pages of names of people who work at Merck, often with email addresses. If you search "scientist at Theravance" you'll get the name of someone there. If you search "scientist" "millenium pharmaceuticals" and "PhD from" you'll get . . . I think the idea is getting across.

Good luck,

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Andy Spencer
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