Has someone felt this ?

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Has someone felt this ?

Postby G.G. » Wed Jun 14, 2006 2:21 pm

Hello my friends,

Thought a lot about posting this or not ,and it comes: I'm a February Biochemical Engineering graduate (SE Europe)interested in pharmacogenomics at industry level(focused my final paper on molecular biology techniques).Unfortunately didn't land a job yet, basically because I want to relocate (conducted all my studies in my native town due to the high reputation of the local university) and now I feel the need of energy from a fresh,new perspective. Net networking hasn't proved successful so far, and the worst thing... seems that I have lost close, warming up contact with my teachers. Honestly I strongly feel like going back to my school only after ! finding a position (seems the rational way).I wouldn't like to involve my teachers in helping me responsability in case of a failure...(have already failed a scholarship).
But .. I feel alone, feel like guidance in the job seeking would be useful(avoid the traps of aiming (and applying uselessly) to too high positions.My university has no functional career counselling office, my colleagues have taken different pathways ... I know what field I want to work in (pharmacogenomics,RNA studies),the only "preference" would be to work in SE Asia, Singapore. Guess the only solution is actual ground networking!!
I've been in good contacts with my teachers till the last Univ.year..After that things turned cold from my feeling,point of view..And I lack warming up and a new fire to light up !!!( guess you know what I mean )
Has any of you undergone similar experiences?
Thank you,
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