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which is better, biotech or a university?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 8:54 pm
by Kat B.
What kind of molecular biology skills are the most marketable in both biotech and government, and of these skills, which do you estimate will remain the most in demand for the years to come? I ask because I currently work for th government and am considering a move to biotech, but am not sure if I will be in demand. I also understand that having some experience in biotech makes the applicant more marketable in general in any area of research after 3-4 or so years of experience. Also, I am a technician so, having a broad range of skills seems to be a must in order to make yourself marketable. One other thing, does anyone think that working for a university more on the clinical side using my molecular biology skills may be a better move than going to biotech from my government position? I see myself possibly returning to the government at some point in my career. Any comments would be greatly appreciated as I am at a major crossroad, and am impressed so far with the advice given in this forum.