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How does NIH view foreign applications?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 10:49 pm
by John B.
I'm hoping that someone can give some realistic feedback on my situation and maybe advice on how best to proceed. I contacted the appropriate branch of the NIH (NHLBI) a couple of weeks ago and was told that my request was forwarded up the line so I considered that response as a positive. I have recently obtained a noncompensated position as "Visiting Scientist" with the Philippine NIH which is the research arm of the University of the Philippines, Manila. Initially, my goal was to use the position to establish my own "research institute" (a 300 sq foot laboratory building in the back corner of my residential lot) but my thinking has become more ambitious after meeting researchers in Manila and realizing the importance of our goal for the future of medicine in the Philippines. For a quick recap of history, the Philippines is at a crossroads and I fear that, if the situation isn't corrected in the near future, the situation will worsen, maybe to a critical point. Medical schools are having difficulty recruiting qualified candidates because most (even current MDs) are going into nursing so they can leave the country for high paying jobs overseas. Researchers face the same prospect which means that the country is unable to retain productive scientists. I feel that it is important for the US to retain good relations with the Philippines because of the terrorist threat and the worry that the Philippines may tilt in that direction if the current situation isn't improved. I have met a group (Directors of large hospitals and highly respected scientists in the country) who wish to establish a broad-based research project in the country where we can approach issues of national interest such as air pollution and COPD from a multifaceted approach (we will coordinate research efforts on selected topics using molecular, cellular, clinical and basic science methodologies) with the goal of improving medical treatment in patients suffering from related diseases. Does anyone have experience with foreign laboratories that can provide acvice on how we should proceed?