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Ph.D. in Computational Biology with Concentration in Biostat?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:03 am
by S.K
Hi, everyone. It has been great to find this forum, especially during this stage when I am quite confused and unclear about my ph.d. study...

So, I got my dual degrees in chemistry and computer science (B.S) with minors in biology and mathmatics from a top ivy university; and I would enter another big name ivy's biomedical&biological sciences program in the coming fall. I do think that I love biomedical science, which is the reason why I applied to my current Ph.D. program, however, after talking to several postdocs in my department and finding out that they have been doing their postdocs for over 7-8 years, I am not sure about that anymore.

I was initially accepted by the Pharmacology Track, and ultimately I wish to land a job in industry. Although our school and department do have tight connection with BMS; looking at the pharmacology program's curriculum, I feel that their curriculum is way too diluted and doesn't contain too much classical pharmacology stuff; in addition, their faculty members are pretty much all doing basic research (i.e. no one is doing PK/PD etc.), which might not have employability in industry. I also applied to and got accepted by their highly competitive new Medical Research Scholar Program (5 medical school courses and 4 semesters of clinical mentorship), which is supposed to bridge basic research and bedside research; however, according to the posts I read in this forum ,without a M.D., this sort of training is basically useless.

So, with my quantitative background, I start to consider the possibility of getting a ph.d in Computational Biology and bioinformatics, the department I also got accepted by in this school. And its required courses are quite simple: 3 computational bio classes, 2 informatics classes and 4 bio classes. All the other courses can be picked from any other dept in the school and we are allowed to pick phd advisor from any bio/informatics related department . Therefore, taken the advise from a biostat professor in my undergrad institutition, I think I will take all of the courses required by a biostat phd while completing my other requirements for comp. bio.

Sorry for making this thread so long, but it is really a complicated story. so my question is do you think that I should still continue my medical research program while getting a degree in biostat? And how attractive will my background be for industry positions?

Thank you so much for your patience, and any piece of advice will be highly appreciated.