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PhD from research institute/med school vs research university?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:52 pm
by Jennifer B.
Wondering what the difference is in training quality and reputation/prestige between traditional research university PhD programs and basic science PhD programs at research institutes or medical schools? I'm looking to do a PhD in molecular biology, and there appear to be programs in both large research universities and (perhaps smaller programs) within research institutes and medical schools. Sometimes, the same university has one program in its Biological Sciences Department (or biology umbrella program) and a separate one in its medical school. In several of the cases I am considering, the medical school or institute seems more prestigious than the overall university, but I cannot ascertain the reputations of the two different biology graduate education programs.

As a non-medical student interested in non-clinical research, am I better off within the arts-and-science type department than affiliating with the medical school? Or, could the research institute program provide broader basic education and perhaps better faculty interaction? Are these programs considered second-rate for someone interested in a true basic science mol bio PhD?

If someone could provide clarification about these mysterious not "University of ___ Biology Department" PhD programs, that'd be great! Thanks!