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Clinical Research Vs Basic Research

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:04 am
by YRG
I recently moved from basic research to clinical research. I moved because it looked like a good opportunity after three years of postdoc. It involves working in a hospital in a very restricted field, with clinicians but within these limits I can eventually establish my own lab, take students and do independent work. I was given the impression that they are interested in moving into basic research but now am wondering whether we are talking the same language. I am currently working with a clinician on a project that was initiated just before I joined. The project is important for treating patients but its more about standardisation of a technique than doing research. It’s been two months since I joined and I am finding it difficult to work within the clinical setup. The doctors seem to have a condescending attitude towards basic scientists (I am in India, where doctors are not aware of any basic science, a fact I realized after joining this place. There have been a few incidences when I felt this although it hasn’t yet directly affected my work. I also miss basic science. I feel like leaving and going back to another postdoc, although sometimes I feel it might be unwise to leave so soon. I need to choose between doing what I like with uncertain future and a job that gives stability but I don’t like. I am quite confused and would appreciate all the advice I get.