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To MBA or not to MBA

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:05 pm
by Derek McPhee
Since this is a topic that pops up fairly frequently, I am posting a couple of links to some of fresh articles on current employment trends in the field:

They seem to confirm what has been said here before, that a PhD with or without postdoc plus MBA, but without SIGNIFICANT industry job experience is really no better than MBA fresh out of undergrad, and people following the former path will very probably find themselves confined to the entry level IB/consulting job mill where they will be competing with the those who followed the latter path and bypassed grad school, and who presumably are also younger (and thus perceived as more trainable") and cheaper. To preempt the obvious question of what constitutes SIGNIFICANT experience, in my opinion 4-5 years of industry experience in a role with at least project management responsibilities would be a bare minimum - nothing short of this is going to get you the business development/management positions that require industry know-how and a network of contacts, since these are positions that involve interacting personally with the clients.